Monday, May 26, 2008

Noble Goes Green with Zero Tree

As the ‘green’ movement popularity reaches an all-time high, now more than ever retailers are looking for ways to demonstrate environmental commitment to customers. Noble is now “making it easy to be green and look good doing it” with its new collection of trendy ZeroTree environmentally responsible bags.

Made from materials such as stone, recycled PET, bamboo, jute and abaca plants, each one of our ZeroTree lines has its own story and each benefits the environment in its own way. Our eco-friendly products reduce reliance on trees, help minimize use of water, harmful chemicals and air pollution and encourage recycling and reuse.

Our bags also are stylish and a great marketing vehicle. They can be custom-designed with your company messages and in many cases reused and passed along — providing an added branding opportunity.

With the introduction of the ZeroTree collection, Noble is demonstrating its dedication to the environment. Now you can show customers your environmental commitment with a special bag that makes a statement — a green one!

4 comments: said...

I have a question for you - I am a packaging consultant working with a retail customer on improving their sustainability profile. Your zero tree products look very exciting. How does their cost compare to typical PE shopping bags?
Thanks, Nancy Limback
Packaging Strategies & Solutions

Bryan Wilks said...

To add to Nancy's post the big question is are the cost competitive?

B-Brand Design said...

Your miniatures are really very much awesome and looking very nice and good. As we all are aware of packaging system it is very much important to have a packaging system so that the product inside it doesn’t get damage and remain safe and easy to handle. As well as packing makes a difference in the product and looks much more attractive after packing.

Packaging Design

Unknown said...

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